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Former Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Dean Campbell (Senior Scientist at Agensys, Inc)

Dr. David Comfort (Founder ReLife Technologies, Inc)

Dr. Evgeny Fadeev (Research Scientist at University of California, at Irvine)

Dr. Udayar Ilangovan (Assistant Professor/Research, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)

Dr. Junji Iwahara (Associate Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston)

Dr. Chu Kong Liew (Medical Writer at Envision Pharma Group, Sydney Australia)

Dr. Mandar Naik (Associate Research Scientist at Texas A&M University) 

Dr. Scott Robson (Postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard Medical School)

Dr. Fa-Kuen Shieh (Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry, National Central University, Taiwan)

Dr. Thomas Spirig (Scientific Coordinator at University of Zurich)  

Former Graduate Students:

Dr. Mohamad Abbani (PhD 2007) (Faculty El Camino College)

Dr. Brendan Amer (PhD 2017) (Scientist at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA) 

Dr. Albert Chan (PhD 2014) (Scientist at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)

Dr. Kevin Connolly (PhD 2002) (Director of Scientific Affairs and Product Development at Jarrow Formulas)

Mr. Jason Gosschalk (MS 2018) (Medical School)

Dr. Grace L. Huang (PhD 2017) (Scientist at A2 Biotherapeutics)

Dr. Alex Jacobitz (PhD 2015) (Scientist at Amgen)

Dr. Kurt Januszyk (PhD 2008) (Research fellow at Sloan-Kettering Institute)

Dr. Michele Kattke (PhD 2017) (Research Fellow, Monash University, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Dr. Reza Malmirchegini (PhD 2013) (Scientist at Gilead)

Mrs. Melanie Marohn (MS 2009) (High school chemistry teacher)

Dr. Ramsay MacDonald (PhD 2018) (Scientist at Amgen)

Dr. Scott McConnell (PhD 2020) (Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University)

Dr. Orlando Martinez (PhD 2022) (Postdoc at Genetech)

Dr. Rosemarie Pilpa (PhD 2008) (Patent Scientist, Knobbe Martens Olson and Bear)

Dr. My (Sam) Mansueto (PhD 2004) (Senior Biochemist at Merck)

Dr. Megan Sjödt (PhD 2016) (Scientist at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company) 

Dr. Tom (Nuttee) Suree (PhD 2009) (Assistant Professor at Chiang Mai University)

William Thieu (MS 2007) (Practicing Physician, urology specialization) 

Dr. Valerie Villareal (PhD 2010) (Research Scientist at DOTS Devices, Inc.)

Dr. Ethan Weiner (Lawyer at Morrison & Foerster LLP) 

Dr. Jonathan Wojciak (PhD 2002) (Scientist at Lpath, Inc.)

Former Undergraduate Students:

Lara Atchabahian (B.S. 2009. Attending USC Medical School) 

Ms. Janine Fu (B.S. 2017, Graduate Student, UCLA)

Mr. Scott Hale (B.S. 2023, Graduate Student, UCLA)

Lisa Jiang (UCLA, B.S. 2010. Currently in Pharmacy School at the University of the Pacific) 

Ms. Yan “Doris” Qin (UCLA, B.S. 2011)

Mr. J. Izaak Miller (Graduate Student, University of Tennessee)

Sergey Shnitkind (Graduate Student, Scripps Research Institute)

Melissa Wong (UCLA, B.S. 07, currently PhD student at UCSD)

Yi “Jimmy” Zheng (UCLA, B.S. 2012)

Ms. Joanna Marshall (B.S. 2017, Graduate Student, UCLA)

Ms. Rachel McAllister (B.S. 2020, Graduate  Student, Yale)

Clarissa Pham (UCLA B.S. 2021) Research Associate at Intervenn Biosciences